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Swiss pralinés (PRAH-lin-nayz) are the Chocolate Caper's specialty. First we take hazelnuts or almonds that have been ground to creme. Next we stir the nut butter into pure chocolate: dark, milk or white. In our Toffee Almond variety, we add ground toffee and slivered almonds. Then we top it off with a layer of solid chocolate. Finally, we cut each piece by hand. The sophisticated flavor and texture are irresistable!

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Praliné Assortment
Praliné Assortment If you can't decide, don't! This assortment includes one of every type of almond, hazelnut and toffee almond praliné we make. Discover your favorite.

$14.95 • Small (12 pieces), 11 oz. minimum
$24.75 • Large (20 pieces), 1 lb. 3oz. minimum

Four Piece Praliné Box
Four Piece Praliné Box For lovers of our Swiss pralinés, here's the assortment to please everyone and share with friends. Our hazelnut, almond and toffee almond pralinés are presented in a small box, each containing four delectable candies.

$5.00 • (4 pieces), 4 oz. minimum

The Heart Caper
The Heart Caper ChocolatesTruffles and Swiss pralinés -- two of the chocolates closest to our hearts. Imagine an assortment of creamy truffles and smooth, nutty pralinés ... Mmmmm!

$9.25 • Sweetheart (7 pieces), 5.5oz. minimum
$18.25 • Small (14 pieces), 11 oz. minimum
$30.25 • Large (25 pieces), 1 lb. 7oz. minimum

The Peanut Butter Caper
Peanut Butter Caper - Chocolates For peanut butter lovers! Our peanut butter praliné include creamy peanut butter mixed with milk, white or dark chocolate. This treat includes an assortment of peanut butter praliné in milk, white and dark chocolate.

$5.00 • Four Piece (4 pieces), 4 oz. minimum
$14.95 • Small (12 pieces), 11 oz. minimum
$24.75 • Large (20 pieces), 1 lb. 3oz. minimum

The Indulgence Caper
The Indulgence Caper - Chocolates We have indulged in wonderfully tasty, creamy Swiss truffles. They were so good we decided to share them with you. This Caper includes an assortment of flavors, such as calvados, pistachio, caramel coffee, dark cherry, orange, vanilla bourbon, dulce de leche and more.

$21.95 • (15 pieces), 6 oz. minimum

Stolen Caramel Caper
Stolen Caramel Caper Chocolates The story goes that the missing caramel was nabbed in a cunning caramel caper. What is left are eight Swiss pralinés, two of our peanut butter bars and one caramel.

$14.95 • (11 pieces), 11 oz. minimum

Apricot Caper
Apricot Caper  Plump delicious glacéed apricots (grown in the USA) hand-dipped in our rich bittersweet chocolate. These are a favorite!

$11.00 • Small, 7 oz. minimum
$21.95 • Large, 14 oz. minimum

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